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The life science industry faces many new challenges moving forward. The need to save costs, meet regulations and implement sustainability initiatives has never been greater. Transforming your supply chain with our cloud temperature management solution can help you meet these challenges and achieve measurable ROI. It delivers big data-driven analytics, and documents end-to-end visibility of drugs as they move through the supply chain. This ensure compliance with regulators’ monitoring requirements, while minimizing administrative paperwork.

TSS Cloud temperature management solution, which comes with 20-years of drug distribution data and best practices, has been developed with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. They use it on a daily basis to guarantee drugs are delivered safely to patients, improve the performance of service providers, streamline the delivery process, and identify and implement sustainability initiatives. For many of them it has become a key component of their risk-based approach to managing the supply chain.

Our secure software is tracker-independent. It can be incorporated into an existing ERP system or run separately on any computer or device. It can be tailored to meet the requirements of your operation – no matter where you are in the product lifecycle – to gain key insights that drive competitive advantage.

TSS intuitive analytics tools capture and secure big data and present it in easy to read dashboards to manage and transform your supply chain. Our expert team can provide the support you need to interpret data and identify initiatives to reduce unnecessary costs in your drug delivery process. They have experience from working with millions of successful missions, for 20,000 users in 100 plus countries. Together with our clients all around the world they help manufactures identify millions of dollars in annual savings and help clinical trial companies minimize over production of drugs, among many other valuable things.

As the dynamics of the supply chain change, and life science companies become responsible for the last mile, you need to transform your supply chain to take full advantage of this. TSS can help you do it today.

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