Skelton Truck Lines

Skelton Truck Lines
Skelton Truck Lines has provided temperature controlled services to the Pharmaceutical and Biological industry for 37 years.  Skelton has individual validations performed on each and every trailer by an independent engineering company. Skelton trailers are validated for 15°C to 25°C, 2°C to 8°C and less than -20°C.  A minimum of three state-of-the-art temperature probes provide accurate monitoring for both the product and air temperature within the trailer. All trailers are monitored by an Electronic
Temperature Recording System. This system utilizes the probes to record temperature data every 10 minutes throughout the trip. Moreover, an active temperature alarm system is engaged
at all times as soon as the loading process is started. Our investment in assets, people and training have provided our customers with a Tried, Tested and Proven solution that meets and exceeds FDA regulations. 

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