RGEES 2016

RGEES LLC’s NC based manufacturing facility, featuring a highly experienced team with engineering backgrounds, offers savENRG™ PCM and AkuraTemp™ multi-use temperature controlling packaging systems, provides custom PCM encapsulation and develops thermal packaging systems for pharmaceutical, life science, biotech, and food industries.
In 2015 RGEES was awarded IQPC Excellence Award for Best Cost Efficiency Project for AkuraTemp™ Specimen Transporter.

The new product lines include an expanded range of AkuraTemp™ thermal packaging specimen systems and new savENRG™ PCMs: cost-efficient, organic 5°C PCM, and water based -25°C gelled PCM.
RGEES currently invests in equipment modernization to boost production capabilities and accommodate new clients.

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.rgees.com