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EFP Corporation 2016

EFP designs, tests and manufactures custom temperature controlled packaging systems for pharmaceutical and life science customers using the Pharmatuff® brand name.  EFP offers a wide range of products utilizing diverse packaging materials including: molded and cut EPS, EPE, EPP, Neopor, Arcel, Piocelan, polyurethane, extruded foam board, corrugated paperboard, gels, gel bricks and phase change materials.  EFP also provides a patented, pre-qualified, Variable Payload System (VPS) engineered to protect shipments as small as a five ounces or as large as 1,200 cubic inches at a temperature between 2°and 8°C for 72 hours during the ISTA 7D summer profile testing.  EFP develops assured payload delivery products in an internal product development laboratory which includes a temperature chamber to pretest current and new product designs.  EFP is a member of HDMA and manufactures in three locations in the mid and south central United States providing customers with JIT, VMI and logistics support to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of the healthcare and pharmaceutical marketplace.  

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Website: http://www.efpcorp.com