DeSpir Logistics

DeSpir Logistics 2016

DeSpir Logistics provides secure transportation for high targeted cargo, through innovative technology and secure logistics solutions. Supply chain security requires a multidimensional approach to asset management that begins with our experienced and knowledgeable operations and customer service personnel, who are trained rigorously in transportation security protocols and logistical crisis resolution. Our trusted drivers are extensively background checked, TSA certified, and expertly educated in cargo protection measures.

DeSpir’s proprietary quality management system, TRU-Secure Advantage, employs security protocols far beyond industry standards, meeting CTPAT requirements. High targeted cargo protection includes cutting edge technology and access control for highly visible track and trace with an integrated client interface and real-time event based communications, that utilize live transport technology with data points that include: Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, light exposure, G-force, and tilt and shock detection. DeSpir Logistics offers integrity, trust, and unparalleled commitment to cargo protection and secure supply chain management.

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