Air Canada

Air Canada (2015)
Air Canada is the largest full-service and provider of scheduled passenger service in the Canadian and Canada-U.S. transborder markets, as well as the international market to and from Canada. Air Canada is the 15th largest commercial airline in the world by traffic.
Air Canada Cargo, the cargo division of Air Canada provides direct service to and from over 150 cities on five continents, and has extended global coverage to over 300 cities through interline partnerships and a vast trucking network.
Air Canada Cargo’s AC Cool Chain includes both active and passive solutions for healthcare commodities to over 30 certified locations throughout our global network spanning from Japan, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, USA, Israel and many locations throughout Europe.
AC Absolute° is our active temperature-controlled solution designed for temperature-sensitive commodities that require precise temperature conditions.  A selection of active temperature-controlled containers is available, utilizing dry ice or electric-based technologies to maintain the required temperature range.
AC Pharmacair is our passive temperature-controlled solution designed for healthcare commodities that are pre-packaged to maintain the desired product temperature, and do not require an active temperature-controlled unit

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