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September 24-27, 2018
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Joan Oliva

Manager of Pre-Clinical Research
Emmaus Medical

2:05 PM Sponsor Session: KaNEKA

Monitoring Supplier Performance & Negotiating Price Terms to Prevent Reputation Damage, Cross Contamination of Products, and Product Exposure to Toxic Temperatures
With some of the biggest issues of 2018 logistics being cross contamination of shared dewers, collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers, and cost control between 3PL’s, monitoring supplier performance is crucial to distribution reputation. Educating your third party suppliers on the goals, data, and requirements that need to be met is essential.
·         Identify GPO’s and leverage combined buying power
·         Negotiate purchasing agreements in line with regulatory compliance and user requirements
Align products with ever changing requirements for liquid nitrogen and cryogenic shipments 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Joan.

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