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September 24-27, 2018
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Jennifer Antonetti

Sr. Supervisor Global Distribution Packaging & Shipping Qualification

1:45 PM Workshop E: Controlling Operating Risks and Potential Supply Chain Disruptions

Workshop E: Controlling Operating Risks to Reduce Audit Exposures and Prepare for Potential Supply Chain Disruptions
Adhering to the Falsified Medicines Derivative coming into play in 2019 and applying the new ICH Q12 measures across supply chain distribution can prove difficult enough for pharma manufacturers. Throw in spurious drugs, falsely labelled drugs, and counterfeit drugs into the mix, and quality risk management is suddenly becoming daunting and difficult to manage. How can we prepare for disruptions in the supply chain while currently mitigating the normal risks that our products are exposed to across various suppliers, countries, and regulations?
What will be discussed:
·         Identify, mitigate, and measure the impact of disruptors in the supply chain
·         Understand the difference between crisis management and supply chain risk management
Practical strategies in action:
·         Take proactive and actionable steps to add resiliency to supply chain operation without large levels of investment
Communicate the realities of risks with stakeholders and implement an effective Supply chain risk mitigation program 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jennifer.

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