September 24-28, 2018
Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia

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2017 Global Forum Event Brochure

New city, new look, same remarkable event! We're headed to Chicago this year with a new look, new speakers and new content, making your experience at the Global Forum more valuable than ever before.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Paul Zikopolous, VP of Competitive and Big Data Analytics Teams and Future Trends Expert, IBM
  • Wesley Schmidt, Vice President of Quality Systems, AbbVie
  • John Brownstein PhD, Chief Innovation Officer & Professor, Boston Children’s Hospital & Harvard University
  • Bradford Stewart, Global Security Operations Center Manager, Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Former Chief of Staff to the President’s Daily Brief
  • Rey Chern, Director of Engineering, Amgen
  • Rick Calabrese, Global Director of Corporate Quality Systems, Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.
  • Rakesh Shah, Director Supply Chain- APAC (Sub Region II), India and Frontier Market, Merck Serono
  • Lisa Wyman, Head of Quality Compliance & Data Analytics, Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Ben Romero, Director Logistics Temperature Control, Bristol-Myers Squibb

View the 2017 event brochure and reach out to us to register at


Global Forum Content Pack: Top Industry Content

As we gear up for the 15th Annual Global Forum, we're re-releasing some of the most well received industry content from last year's event.

Take a look at our Global Forum Content Pack or request an emailed copy that includes:

  • In-depth report on "Standardization and Risk Management in the Cold Chain"
  • Best Practice Guidebook for "Packaging Design & Qualification in Temperature Controlled Logistics"
  • Global Mastery eBook featuring interviews with Eli Lilly, Amgen, McKesson, Novartis LatAm and many more

Whitepaper: Insights from the Experts

It's an innovative time in the industry as new technologies are changing the supply chain and business are trying to find new ways to get their products where they need to be faster, more efficiently while saving money. See what executives from Merck, Amgen, Zogenix, Marketing Association, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and more are saying about the current state of the industry, future trends, and what they look forward to most about the Global Forum.

Whitepaper: Moving the Industry Towards Collaboration

Collaboration has long been considered an effective approach and is employed by many highfunctioning organizations. In business and in communities, the strategic value of aligning yourself with other groups that have a shared vision, where each collaborator brings something to the table and is willing to work together to get there is now seen. Collaboration between different groups - within and outside the enterprise – makes for a changed dynamic. It is a commonly held view that stakeholders in collaboration are at their best, fully invested and engaged, even if conflict situations arise. This whitepaper dives into how collaboration is effective for the pharmaceutical supply chain industry.

Whitepaper: End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility provides a number of returns for pharma firms. Henrik Fröjdh, Associate Director of Supply Chain Management at Merck said that inventory reduction was one of the biggest drivers for Merck’s business case for supply chain visibility. With a better understanding of the supply chain, shippers can manage risks proactively. The tracking required in serialization projects greatly enhances supply chain visibility levels. Embedded sensors right down to the individual product gives live location and safety information. This refined clarity places more control and actionable information at the hands of supply chain stakeholders for forecasting to enhance the network’s efficiency.

View the whitepaper for a deeper dive into end-to-end supply chain visibility. Email for an emailed copy.


Digitization and Big Data's Impact on the Pharma Supply Chain

Pharma and biotech organizations are beginning to implement some of the market’s newest technologies to enhance how they make decisions and predict outcomes in the supply chain. Take a look at stats on digitization and big data’s impact on current and future pharma supply chains.

Exclusive Content

Who Attended Last Year's Global Forum?

Welcome to the industry’s #1 event for temperature controlled supply chains and products. This list contains a sneak peek of the 14th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum 2015 attendees. The five-day program will highlight case studies, best practices and interactive discussions to help advance industry standards. We can't wait to see your name added to this list. 

2017 Calendar of Events

Mark your calendars! Check out the full list of 2017 pharmaceutical and cold chain events.

2016 Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Market Report

Last year, we put together the comprehensive 2016 Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Market Report detailing major and emerging trends in the industry, and how the industry is reacting to these changes. The report includes expert interviews and insights, case studies, information on the industry's biggest challenges and investment areas and more. View the report and stay tuned for more information on the industry leading up to the 15th Annual Global Forum!

2016 Attendee Profile Report

The Global Forum is designed to give you multiple opportunities to network with 850 supply chain stakeholders. Download our Delegate Profile Report to see stats about where our attendees are from, their seniority, their primary market and more.

2016 VIP Strategic Investment Report

45 VIP qualified attendees joined us at the Global Forum last year. We asked them questions about their organizations and what challenge areas are their priority for investment. View the report to learn more about our attendees and get more information about each of these individual VIPs.

2016 Post Show Report

The industry has gathered at the Cold Chain Global Forum for the past 15 years to share ideas, challenge each other’s processes, gain insight into the newest solutions on the market, and maintain a next generation mentality. Take a look at our 2016 Post Show Report to see what makes this the #1 event for temperature-controlled life science supply chains in the world.

Disruption in the Pharma Industry

Ahead of the 15th Annual Global Forum, we sat down with Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Competitive and Big Data Analytics Teams and Future Trends Expert, IBM. As the keynote speaker at the Global Forum, he gave us insights into disruption and disruptive technologies in the industry and what the future holds.

IBM's Breakthrough: Watson May Help Beat Cancer

Our 2017 Keynote Speaker, Paul Zikopoulous, VP Big Data & Cognitive Systems at IBM, shared with us this Bloomberg clip of IBM Watson and how it may help beat cancer. This will be a focus of Paul's keynote session "The Big Data Revolution" at the 15th Annual Global Forum. View the news clip & get a preview of what Paul will be discussing this year in Chicago!

CNBC: "When Big Tech Companies Want to Get Into Health, They Call this Harvard Researcher"

John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children's Hospital & Professor at Harvard University, was featured on CNBC for his work with Uber. Due to his innovative idea of how to change the way patients receive prescriptions, Uber created UberHEALTH. He's also worked with Google, Twitter and Yelp to find new breakthroughs in the health sector. Check out the article before joining us for John's session at the 15th Annual Global Forum!


Bristol-Myers Squibb: Evaluating the Cost and Operational Efficiency of Greener Packaging Insulation Materials

In her session at the 14th Cold Chain Global Forum, Beth Ruland discusses the scope of the project BMS underwent, design evaluation and the results of assessing the quality and environmental benefits of switching from foam insulation. She discussed the signicant cost savings and also touches on next steps for BMS. View her session PPT to learn more!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Immunization Supply Chain 2020

At the 14th Cold Chain Global Forum, Raja Rao discussed the status of immunization programs in the developing world, current supply chain issues and what threats it may pose to industry progress. He also discussed the current Gates Foundation actions on supply systems and cold chain strengthening and bringing together new cold chain technology, markets, incentives and sound measurement to create results. View his session presentation!

Eli Lilly: Inside the Company's Implementation of Reusable Shipping Containers

At the 14th Cold Chain Global Forum, Christopher Lyons and Bryan Cardis explored the key considerations in adopting reuse and recycling programs for single-use passive coolers. View the PPT of their session!


Top Challenges Report: Supplying Next Generation Medicines

The personalized medicines market – which tailors drugs and treatments to the individual patient – is expected to reach revenues of $149 billion by 2020, according to Pharmaceutical Commerce. And the rising use of biosimilars – a biologic medical product that is a near-identical copy of an original product by another company – is expected to result in the near doubling of the size of pharma cold chain logistics business over the next three years.

We sat down with Catherine Coppage, Supply Chain Planner, Personalized Medicines at Kiadis Pharma; Javier Gomez-Contreras, Supply Chain BGx LATAMOE Latina-Mid East Africa-India & Asia Pacific Lead at GlaxoSmithKline; and Jeremy Cress, Director Of Operations, Fibrocell Science to dive into  the challenges and opportunities distributing personalized medicines present.

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Global Mastery eBook

Let's be honest--your ultimate objective is to make your cold chain a world-spanning behemoth with tentacles in all nations. We want to help: to this end, we have complete a multi-part eBook to facilitate your conquest. This eBook includes perspectives from six speakers from top industry companies, focusing on regulations, packaging, logistics, and security in the international cold chain.

Best Practices Guidebook: Packaging Design and Qualification in Temperature Controlled Logistics

A ruined shipment of temperature-controlled medicine can cost much more than lost revenue – it can cost lives. Navigating routes to patients efficiently and cost effectively with temperature sensitive materials is a labor intensive task, and one which hinges on the investment in trustworthy equipment. Investment in packaging design and qualification is a critical part of the tool kit.

Take a look at this Best Practices Guidebook, put together by CCIQ, for more information/


Welcome to the Cold Chain Global Forum

850 attendees. 120 speakers. 120 sponsors. 36 hours of content. View the opening video for the 2015 Cold Chain Global Forum.

Gilles Jr. Gregoire - Temperature Controlled Supply

Join Gilles Jr. Gregoire, Global Transport Manager, Pharmascience as he discusses topics that include; the 3 biggest cold chain packaging trends of 2017, real time temp monitoring technologies, the growing trend towards “direct to patient” deliveries and much more.

Claude Jolicoeur - Data Sharing and Temp Monitoring Tech

Join Claude Jolicoeur, Director of Regulatory Affairs, McKesson Canada Corp as he discusses topics that include; changes within the supply chian industry on capturring and shareing data, real time temp monitoring technologies,cold chain challenges wihtin the Canadian market and much more.

Andrea Guisbert-Williams - Cost Savings & Sustainability Through a Switch from Air to Ocean

Join Andrea L. Guisbert-Williams, Project Manager, North American Logistics Operations, Eli Lilly & Company in an exclusive interview about the effect of growth of biologic based products on temp controlled operations, next generation medicines, and her case study, Discovering Eli Lilly’s Plan to Achieve Cost Savings & Sustainability Through a Switch from Air to Ocean.

The Best of 2016! - The CCGF Highlight Reel

The 2016 Cold Chain Global Forum was our best event yet! With a world-class speaking faculty, and unparalleled in-depth content, CCGF is the #1 event in the cold chain industry.

Cold Chain Global Forum 2016: A Spotlight On Our Sponsors

<p>Take a look at what Sponsors from the pharma industry have to say about our flagship event, Cold Chain GDP &amp; Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum.</p>


Risk Models for Passive Shipping Systems: Link Control and Risk to Total Cost

Significant areas for cost reduction depend on particular situations. This is why it is so important that organizations use a consistent and well-thought out approach to identify cost reduction opportunities that balances total cost versus risk. Dr. Bernard McGarvey, Senior Engineering Advisor, Engineering Technology Center at Eli Lilly & Co., shares his strategies in this exclusive interview.

Temperature Controlled Logistics - International Compliance & QMS Optimization

Cold Chain IQ consulted a selection of experts to discover the latest methods being deployed to navigate today’s regulatory challenges in regards to GMP, GDP and GCP compliance. Also, we acquired insight on what compliance changes are on the horizon to impact the temperature controlled logistics market.

Managing the Challenges of Controlled Room Temperature Requirements in Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Distribution

Pelican BioThermal is a participating sponsor of the 15th Annual Global Forum. Read their white paper here and be sure to stop by their booth at the event in September.

Standardization & Risk Management in Cold Chain

Working within the ever-changing cold chain requires extremely detailed planning, extensive preparation, and precise execution. While these techniques vary immensely across the globe, risk management is necessary and standardization is the key goal for everyone.

This complimentary whitepaper dives deeper into this idea, with specific focuses on supply chain security, validation & lane qualification, data monitoring in shipping lanes, and stability budgets.

Cold Chain Trends 2016

We interviewed six of our highlight speakers about the trends they see in the industry today, and where they see things going in the next five years.

Sponsorship Information

Global Forum Sponsorship Prospectus

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Global Forum. Download the prospectus for more information on who attends, their challenges, and sponsorship opportunities available to you.

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Video: A Spotlight On Our Sponsors

The Cold Chain Global Forum is the largest exhibition of solutions and services for temperature controlled life science products. Don't just take our word for it - see and hear it for yourself, we guarantee you'll be impressed.