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Cold Chain Logistics & Blockchain Tech

Cold Chain Logistics & Blockchain Tech

By 2020, pharma cold chain logistics spend is predicted to exceed $16 billion. Despite this huge investment, Pharmaceutical supply chains still face tremendous challenges. We sat down with keynote speaker Jack Shaw, Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council, Technology Futurist to discuss this and the following:
-Blockchain's direct impact on the Pharma Supply Chain
-Blockchain technology's affect on cold chain logistics
-Cold chain pharmaceuticals' preparation for the future of technology

Healthcare Reform & the Future of the Pharma Supply Chain

Healthcare Reform & the Future of the Pharma Supply Chain

We sat down with David Merrit, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategy, America's Health Insurance Plans to discuss Healthcare Reform. He said "The Trump Administration has put a very bright spotlight on rising prescription drug costs... Their focus has been on reducing regulation, increasing competition, and reducing what patients pay." Learn more about our conversation with David and hear what he has to say on:

  • Healthcare Reform's affect on the pharma supply chain
  • The national healthcare reform law affect on the future of the pharma supply Chain
  • His advise on healthcare reform to the presidential campaigns
The ELD Mandate & Cold Chain

The ELD Mandate & Cold Chain

We sat down with one of our keynote speakers Bill Mahorney, Chief, Enforcement Division, FMCSA, Department of Transportation. As one of the key players responsible for enforcing the ELD Mandate, Bill will be addressing how this new law will affect the supply chain, logging books, hours of service regulations and cross-industry collaboration. To give you a sneak peek as to what you can expect to hear about onsite, we sat down with Bill to discuss what the ELD Mandate is and how it impacts the supply chain.

End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility Video

End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility Video

It's been determined that visibility can provide a number of returns for pharma firms. Find out what areas need more visibility in this video.

Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Tom Bonkenburg

Tom Bonkenburg is a partner in St. Onge Company, an international supply chain engineering and consulting firm. Since its founding in 1983, St. Onge Company has preformed over 4000 assignments for over 700 clients in over 40 countries and now has offices in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Mr. Bonkenburg will discuss the latest available robotic technology, talk about the companies that are using this technology, and what the supply chain professional needs to know now about the possible future impact of this rapidly developing industry.

The Autonomous Supply Chain is Coming

The Autonomous Supply Chain is Coming

Ahead of the 16th Global Forum taking place September 24-28, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA, we sat down with keynote speaker Tom Bonkenburg, Director, European Operations, St. Onge Company to discuss:

  • How robotics are impacting the the pharma supply chain sector specifically
  • Common barriers to automation adoption and how to overcome them
  • What life sciences supply chain leaders need to do today to prepare for a future of increased automation
Pharma Logistics Compliance 2018 Report

Pharma Logistics Compliance 2018 Report

This whitepapers covers the latest pharmaceutical logistics regulatory developments around the globe related to FMD, MHRA, ICH Q12, PACMP, GMP, DSCSA and more! Designed specifically to keep you up to date with key developments that we believe with shape the compliance agenda over the next year, key developments that you will need to tune in for! Highlights include:

  • GMP inspections international collaboration efforts
  • Supply Chain Security and Traceability – GPS
  • EMA regulations
  • Points to remember for your next GDP inspection
  • The latest on Human Drug Compounding Outsourcing Facilities regulations
  • An analysis of ICH Q12 concepts
  • The cost of Brexit and the road forward
  • An overview of EU's recently published report detailing the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

Plus! Commentary by 2018 Cold Chain Global Forum speakers:

  • Rafik Bishara, Ph.D, former Director QKMTS, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Ajay Pazhayattil, Former Associate Director, TOPV Apotex Inc.

Change & Collaboration in Pharma Logistics

Change & Collaboration in Pharma Logistics

Pharma is one of the most conservative industries –namely due to the fact that its products are high risk – very influential to the health, well-being and survival of their consumers. Regulations must be met to ensure that medicine quality and patient safety is protected. Therefore any changes, be it to product or process, need to be controlled to ensure that these vital elements are not in anyway jeopardized.

In the latest article by Pharma IQ,we uncover:

  • How to identify and overcome common obstacles to change management in pharma
  • Establishing standardized packaging vendor qualification requirements
  • Why collaboration and intelligence sharing between drug manufacturers could drastically improve the landscape for the general market. 
  • And more!

Features insights by:

  • Guy Hoskens, Clinical Supply Chain Logistics Expert, Janssen, Pharmaceutical
  • Tonino Antonetti, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Safety & Health, Roche Diagnostics 
  • Craig Vermeyen, Senior Manager, Packaging Engineer, Kite Pharma 

To receive a copy of this article via email, write us at with "16CCGF Content Request: Change & Collaboration in Pharma Logistics" in the subject line.

Blockchain Adoption in Pharma Supply

Blockchain Adoption in Pharma Supply

Experts have asserted that despite recent developments, pharmaceutical supply chains are still far from reaching their full technological potential. However, Blockchain holds significant promise to advance the digital strength of medicine supply. In this whitepaper, we explore:

  • What is blockchain and how can it be applied to cold chain?
  • Who in life sciences is currently using blockchain and for what?
  • How will the emergence of blockchain impact the industry over the next decade?

Plus! We provide an overview of potential use cases for block chain such as:

  • Leveraging R&D data for collaborative research
  • Dynamic pricing managed for raw materials
  • Compliance and quality tracking
  • Pharmacovigilance reporting
  • Temperature control
  • Temperature monitoring and control