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As the pharmaceutical supply chain continues to reach new markets and add new products, it is becoming increasingly complex, digitized, and outsourced. With growing demand for a diversity of products with varying temperature controls, pharma executives must adapt their processes and increase collaboration to satisfy new user and regulatory requirements. To gain competitive advantage while minimizing costs, it is crucial to build an agile & flexible supply chain that can harness essential customer data while minimizing risk. It’s time to embrace innovation, implement disruptive technology, and create supply chain synergy across the global marketplace.

At the 16th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum, we will gather the top pharma supply chain executives and suppliers to address end-to-end supply chain optimization and creating strategies to maintain temperature controlled products, remain compliant with regulatory agencies, optimize transportation routes, increase collaboration through change management, and implement customer centricity to enhance patient first initiatives.

The market has evolved and so will this flagship event. We have surveyed, listened, and will now will show you an experience that will enable you to get fully informed, and leave inspired!

What Sets the Global Forum Apart?

  • Innovation Hub Stage with 14 extra cutting edge sessions
  • Certified Training Master Classes & Workshops
  • Site Tours to a Warehouse and Manufacturing facility
  • IDG’s
  • Gala Awards & Dinner Reception
  • Women in Supply Chain Fireside Chats
  • Disruption Start-Up Competition
  • Global Regulatory Compliance Panel

850 +





Countries Represented



Top Topics

Adhering to regulatory compliance to correctly validate and qualify all products

Improving internal and external collaboration with change management

Maintaining temperature controlled products

Implementing new tech/innovation while aligning processes to a customer centric approach

Improving transport route efficiency with suppliers

Get recognized for your innovation and success in the industry

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