ELPRO Services, Inc.

ELPRO, founded in 1986, is a leading Swiss manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions and data loggers for documenting environmental conditions in the pharmaceutical industry. As a leader in the industry we are a ‘full service’ organization offering state-of-the-art data loggers, a centralized database and data analytics; and a team of validation engineers to support the integration of a high-quality temperature monitoring system into your business processes. ELPRO’s revolutionary LIBERO PDF Loggers measure temperatures from -200C...+200C. They do not require any hardware or software to install or validate; simplifying your end-to-end cold chain data handling. ELPRO is consistently dedicated to quality, which resonates throughout all facets of our operation – service, technology and customer support. We support pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world in simplifying their cold chain while having less manual work thus reaching quicker product release times. ELPRO’s US subsidiary has been established in Marietta, OH since 2003 with a full turnkey support and technical staff.